Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What About Our Colors?

I Miss Lehi Because....

- i feel like people accepted how weird i was, and rather enjoyed it.
- people cared much more that i was around.
- i never felt too alone; there was always someone to talk to.
- junior year there helped me better maintain my friendships.
- me and you were much more me and you. we actually seemed and acted more reciprocally like best friends.
- it held the color purple everywhere in its walls.
- i felt like i succeeded far more there than i do at westlake.
- many happy memories were made there.

Here's The Flipside.

I Hate Westlake Because....

- most people think i'm weird, but not in a very good way (in my opinion.)
- if i miss a day, not much comes from it.
- i feel like a loner a great deal of the time.
- friendships have fallen apart.
- we're still best friends, but it doesn't really show and i guess we don't really act like it as much at school, really.
- there's too much blue and gold.
- i feel like i'm failing, screwing up my life, and that i won't graduate.
- happy memories are too few and far between.

I Miss,

dream faces, skipping classes, walking in the cold to pioneer party, purple choir robes, roaming the library during lunches, going extremely late to german, english vocabulary, never eating school lunch, sitting on the grass when it got warm, the lenseless glasses trend, wearing dresses to school, the hanukkah bag, the commons, my column, big hugs in wide open spaces, hugs in between the school and seminary building, random funny people, bitchslap frisbee, and even pridetv.

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  1. Maybe... you should finish out the year at Lehi? Is the possible?


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