Monday, January 11, 2010

I Know, You Know, I Know It's True.

I Don't Show Enough Appreciation For The Things I Have.

Cyler Jacob R.;

you are sincerely my best friend. if i hadn't met you nearly three years ago, where would i be? i wouldn't be like how i am. i'd be different. i'd probably be more unhappy. but being friends with you all these years has been such a blessing. i love you more than you know, in all way, shape, and form. you deserve the world. you are one of the most amazing people i have ever met. i am so so so lucky to know you, let alone for us to be best friends. i've always meant the things i've said to you. you've always been so open about your feelings with me. i love that. i love your honesty. i love how we can tell each other anything, and it's never weird. i love how we can have conversations based on nothing. i love our sincerely weird friendship. i would never let any other person stand on my back and wind up peeing on my hair or write their name on my shoe claiming i'm the buzz lightyear to his andy. you're one of the best things that have happened to me. i hope we never grow too apart. i hope we stay in contact for our entire lives. you mean the world to me, i hope you know that. and no one has ever made me laugh as much as you. :)

Jennifer Beatriz P.;

yennifer, you underestimate yourself. you are such an awesome person. you always have been. i was intimidated by you when we first met, just cause i thought you were funnier than me. but you're just as funny as i am. i can't imagine what the past couple of years would've been like without you around. i know we've had rough patches but we're still incredibly close. i'll always be your assistant, and you'll always be my doctor. we're partners in crime. i'm the sexy jude law watson to your awesome robert downey jr. holmes. :) i'm sorry i don't show enough apprecation for you. but you have to know how grateful i am that you put up with me. you're too good to your old grandma unicorn. you definitely are always there for me, and i'm so thankful for you for that. you're such a cool person. i hope that hoe knows what she's missing out on. we have fun doing pointless things. we talk on the phone every day and tell randomly our feelings. it's pretty swell. you're quite a neat granddaughter, and i'm so happy you're one of my best friends.

Valerie Jane Thompson;

we didn't exactly click in seventh grade, but we were nice enough to each other. my dear, i'm so happy you're around. you've turned some seemingly pointless days into more fun pointless days. we can talk about anything. we're very good at listening to each other. i'll always love that. we have stupid inside jokes and comments from our pointless hanging outs. you're such a sweetheart and i love how brutally honest you are. it's rather funny. i'm happy we're dress-wearing gals who like to party with orville redenbaucher and jerky. knock knock. who's there? trick or treat. SEX. :)

Ashley Makell Walker;

i'm glad we had like four classes together in tenth grade, and that we got to be friends. you're jesus for gosh sakes and i'm the holy ghost. you're such a funny person and we've certainly had randomly great times. you're weird, and just as immature as i am. we're both scared to grow up and it's nice to have that in common. i'm happy that we're friends, cause senior year would suck worse without you feeding me fruit every day. haha. :) even though i regret skipping class so much i'm glad that a lot of the time it was with you. like when we sluffed in tim's truck. ha, and set up a scavenger hunt for him. thanks for being a dear friend, jesus.

Olivia Rose Mackrell;

i'm glad we gave each other a chance as friends. you were intimidating to me. i hated the fact that you and cyler had sort of been a thing for a short time. i misjudged you though, just on that. if not for that one time me, cy, you, and jenn went to starbucks and you talked about butt sex, who knows if we'd be friends. i shared some secrets in your postsecret books. and you're so freaking cool. really, you're one of the sweetest brutally honest people i know. i love spending time with you. i really really appreciate you and the random times we talk on the phone and the random times we've hung out. you're one of the neatest people i've met. i care a lot about you and hope we can get even closer in the future olive city! :)

Mi Familia;

it's cliche to be grateful for your family but then again it's not. i love all of you guys. i have the best siblings in the world. we're so weird and zany but fit together perfectly, i think. i love family functions because we're all together and it's pretty hilarious. i'm sooooo grateful for all of you six siblings and all of your husbands and/or wives and for my nephews and my niece and future niece as well. we put the fun in dysfunctional. not even kidding. :)

you all must know that i'm grateful for many other people in my life as well. like queernan, swainky, the snapplehoe, mattie, sarah, my children/grandchildren, princess alee, and many others. i'm so blessed, really. i don't show enough appreciation and a goal for this year is to do just that. and to do random acts of kindness for others.

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