Friday, December 11, 2009


penny for my thoughts? or maybe a dime or two. for i think many thoughts, mostly about you.

today went well. i stayed up until 3:30 writing three papers. i didn't wind up going to school, which meant missing film lit, tragically. my very best friend and i went to the deli like old times and then just hung around my house especially like the olden days. we sat in my living room, watched the end of polar express and sang loudly to josh groban. it reminded me of last winter, when we'd bum about each other's houses. (him at mine more than the reverse.) really, it was fantastic. i gave him his shotglass made of candycane. sincerely, i love that young man more than oxygen itself.

then tonight was suprisingly good. we had our hanukkah party, and the party involved was pretty lovely, i suppose. an old friend came, which was nice. after our jewish festivities we went to the westlake stomp. (a gayer version of cool lehi stag dances.) then five minutes in, me and two friends ditched and went to a supposed dance that turned out to be some kid's day of birth party? awkward. so we headed back and then the stomp turned out to be a blast.

decent day.

hooooo knows what tomorrow will hold.

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